At ACS, we integrate our clients’ IT environments with defined service offerings and help align IT environments with our clients’ business initiatives. Not only are we able to strategize, design, architect, implement and continuously evaluate the best solution, we’ll leave your team more knowledgeable, better informed, and more able to predict and adapt to your business changes that put new and different demands on IT.

We stay ahead of the technology curve so that when we consult with you on your requirements and objectives, our inevitable recommendation will provide a solid, secure, highly performing solution that delivers your goals. We maintain the highest Partnerships with premier OEM vendors such as IBM, and EMC. This means we have the greatest access to the tools, insight, and skill sets to ensure a successful implementation. In addition, our high level partnerships allow ACS to be your advocate in working with those partners.

Local, Rapid Response:

With one of the most extensive teams of highly trained and certified sales and technical consultants in the northeast, we are available to meet with most clients – in person, face to face – within two hours. Our local presence allows us to have many problems solved before our competitors even board the plane.

Getting you There:

Whether you’re looking for guidance, tactical assistance, or to transform your business, we have the knowledge, experience, and capability to help you Get there.